We’ve Got Money to Lend

Signature Loan

Maximum $15,000, up to 60 month term. An all-purpose loan secured by your signature. Use it for anything you need. Take a vacation, spruce up the house, consolidate debt or pay down medical expenses.

Personal Line of Credit

Maximum $15,000, open end revolving line of credit. Write yourself an instant loan whenever you need it with this unsecured revolving loan.

Instrument and Equipment Loan

Maximum $50,000, up to 72 month term. A special low rate loan to help you obtain the tools of your trade.

200 Dollar Loans

Borrow $200 with a single payout by your next paycheck to overcome your financial difficulties. Instant approval and fast money transfer even for members with bad credit. Borrow the money you need at fair rates without your credit score affected and spend it for any purpose, whether paying utilities or covering debts. $200 loans are an ideal solution in case of financial emergencies.

DGA, PGA and WGA Residual Loan

Maximum $10,000, with 3 months to repay. Single payout, short-term loan.

Share Secured and Certificate Secured Loan

Borrow from yourself and save! For a limited time only, we've lowered the rate on our share secured and certificate secured loans to (1) the current dividend rate plus 3% for shares or (2) the rate of the certificate plus 3%. Use your funds on deposit as security to pay your income taxes, take a vacation, or anything you need. This loan is also ideal for building or rebuilding your credit history.

Overdraft Protection Loan

When you spend more than you have in your checking account, funds will be transferred automatically from your designated overdraft account (savings or line of credit) to your checking account to cover those purchases.

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