Debit Card


Safer than carrying wads of cash or tugging a check book in your pocket. Our MasterMoney Debit Card is a better way to access your MICU checking account! Use it every day at grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants. It's accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, wherever you see the MasterCard logo.

Two ways to use your MasterMoney Debit Card:

  • Credit option: Present your card, choose credit and sign, just as if you were using a credit card.
  • Debit/ATM option: Swipe your card then enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). This option allows you to receive cash back.

Payments are debited from your checking account without the hassle of writing a check. Or you can withdraw cash at any ATM displaying one of these logos. Remember that most CO-OP Network ATMs are fee-free, and many accept deposits.


Enroll your card in the CO-OP Member Rewards Program.

Earn points for signature based purchases. Redeem points for travel, merchandise, gift cards and more.

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