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Real Estate Loans

When you're in the real estate market, you want not just the lowest rates, but also the widest possible selection of loan options, as well as an experienced staff to explain those options to you. That's exactly what you get with West Coast Realty, our real estate loan provider. Call Kevin Wyart at (888) 386-3795 or click here to check out our expanded mortgage services.

Fixed or variable-rate first trust deeds and 3 & 5 year fixed HELOC

Choose a fixed rate for payments that never change, or a variable rate for a lower starting payment.

Adjustable-rate mortgages with fixed-rate start

A fixed-rate for your choice of the first 3, 5 or 7 years for easier budgeting when you're starting out. After the fixed-rate period, annual and lifetime caps keep your mortgage payment reasonable.

No-point loans

You don't have to pay points to get a loan rate you can live with.

Zero down payment loans

You can become a homeowner even with no down payment.

VA, FHA and CHAFA loans

Special loans for veterans and low-income buyers.

Other loan types. Call the credit union for details.
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