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Other Loans

Variable-rate home equity line of credit

This revolving line of credit is based on the equity in your home. Taking an advance is as easy as writing yourself a check. The interest you pay may be tax deductible; consult your tax advisor.

Signature loans

An all-purpose loan secured by your signature.

Instrument & Equipment loans

A special loan to help you obtain the tools of your trade.

Home improvement loans

Remodel your home into your dream home.

Unsecured line of credit

Write yourself an instant loan whenever you need it with this unsecured revolving loan.

Share Secured and Certificate Secured Loans

Borrow from yourself and save! For a limited time only, we’ve lowered the rate on our share secured and certificate secured loans to (1) the current dividend rate plus 3% for shares or (2) the rate of the certificate plus 3%. Use your funds on deposit as security to pay your income taxes, take a vacation, or purchase a car—anything you want. This loan is also ideal for building or rebuilding your credit history.

Overdraft protection loan

Whenever you write a check for more than is in your account, funds will be transferred automatically from your designated overdraft account (savings or line of credit) to checking.

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